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CSI 123456-ABCD
123 Main Street Phone: 888-123-4567
City, ST ZIPCODE Fax: 123-456-7890
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LEED Credit-Opportunity Contributions: Green Energy, Renewable Energy  
Uses only recycled content and renewable resources.
No waste matter or by-products are regulated by the EPA.  
On-site water-recovery system saves 10% of water usage.  
Manufacturing facilities for this product use on-site solar energy.  
Steps taken to reduce ozone depletion.  
Packaging is recyclable and made of recycled material.  
Uses only locally supplied materials.  
Envirormental claims are Chain of Custody certified by independent agency.  
  No machinery required for installation.  
  No toxic materials required or recommended for maintenance.  
  No toxic off-gasses during installation, use or maintenance.
  Low-energy option allows product to function at 50% of full-power.  
  Information is currently being compiled.  
  There is no reclamation program in place at this time.
  Product is 100% recyclable and/or reusable.  
  All manufacturing centers exceed OSHA standards.  
  Company sponsors environmental seminars for the general public.  
  Company has a policy regarding "living wages" for all employees.
  50% of upper management positions are occupied by women.  
  Company has identified specific diversity-related issues and has implemented policy to address those issues.  
  50% of employees receive all listed benefits.  
  6% of profits given to community/local organizations.  
Company has requested social information from 100% of all suppliers.  
  Product is ISO14000 certified.
  No outside testing is being used at this time.  
  The company has increased sustainability 5% from last year.  
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