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" Jiu bird slowly Shoulong wings, although it is still fierce eyes, but the depths of the eye pupil, apparently softened a lot, although hate go hate this guy, but at least some people still commendable." Chu Qi frowned: "In your current strength, say such things somewhat overconfident. wholesale nfl jerseys authentic Brisk leaves some solemn eyes and said: "It seems to know where God is not only the soul of Yin and Yang Zhi only Gehai, that guy really no good!" "Ye sister. Shoot child looking at animal husbandry and dust that has a warm smile Toshihaya face, serious little small head, dust, animal husbandry brother is right, she can not always let my sister to protect her, she also needs to become powerful, and to protect her sister. "Here it absorbs shock territory soul God now!" Mind passing this road dust, animal husbandry idea. And it is through this leaves Brisk brief moment, out of the three-headed senior reveal kill, quickly fell on the hillside, watching the dust, animal husbandry, plump breasts gently undulating, said: "It's your turn.

"Here, too, need the spirit of tokens?" Asked dust, animal husbandry, and spirit worlds currency be common currency, which embodies the aura of currency, sometimes directly for human refining absorbed, it can be regarded as the whole worlds The hard currency. Outside the valley, that troops from the bow and Zhou Li Yang is at this time gradually stopped looking at them looking a little change that was controlled grazing dust did not have the two move in, they looked at each other one, too The same is not dare to have any action." Dust, animal husbandry and strange eyes, this guy is really nothing to say. wholesale nfl jerseys in usa Dust, animal husbandry, feeling that at an alarming rate of domestic gas expansion spiritual power, but the mind is gradually becoming calm. "I did not grudge with him.

" Wang Sheng laughed. "If you have this expectation, I can meet you. wholesale nfl jerseys nike He laughed: "But this is really good to shoot down children benefit, if not before they have the Body, I am afraid it directly shoots children first get rid of." Dust, animal husbandry nod smile, sharp eyes look to the front of the hillside that three rushing senior reveal, light hands together, behind the golden spirit array, at which time gold broke out strong, violent spiritual power, swept out ??? It reveals that three senior to that gold seems to perceive spiritual matrix being distributed out of danger fluctuations pediment that actually slow the slow speed, and then the sound of sharp, forceful spiritual power emitted mouth, filled with their body ??? "Kingland spiritual matrix crack!" Dust, animal husbandry black eye Hanmang passing, a Lenghe, suddenly resounded through the sky from its mouth. With more forceful spiritual power is added, that spiritual power light wheel is in constant expansion, and finally into an adult palm is light filled with Emmanuel wheel around, looks like the mysterious vastness of the galaxy. wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping "I said Chu Qi, dust, animal husbandry, it is not a mess, why do you have to go find him? You and he looks not much intersection, right? Hope Road in hatred did not complain.

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