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Wen Ling taught, perhaps in North spiritual environment, the warm spirit spiritual matrix has been counted as a good teacher, you can clear that compared with the true spirit array division, it was far worse. wholesale nfl jerseys nike He heard a sneer, said: "Who does the Gehai hands he has courage???" "Not Gehai is another gang, seemed like a leaf to help people. Ge Qing carefully cried, and said: "? We bring that message to them that if the animal husbandry soul the dust get God Chi Yin and Yang, the strength will increase even more, to the time" He would not finish, Gehai Senleng that is projected from the eyes, to get him to shut up quickly, Samsam smile." Brisk stared leaf shoots a child, immediately nodded, he hesitated, and said: "Are you sure you can kill this spirit array three senior reveal?" Although animal husbandry dust two spiritual matrix looks pretty powerful, but senior spiritual skins coarse flesh, strong defense, to kill all of a sudden wanted to be there will be some difficulty. Can really into the North Cang Ling hospital. Spiritual power converge, and when that light dispersed, I saw it was on the spiritual power light wheel, actually there is a small sitting cross-legged and light, blurred looked, this light seems to look somewhat similar to dust, animal husbandry ??? But it is too vague and can not be completely read.

" In that first of all, a handsome teenager looking at this scene some frustration, Road. wholesale nfl jerseys cheap They hesitated slightly, suddenly turned around suddenly. wholesale nfl jerseys authentic "She, after all, age is still small, and then hone it, but also able to work independently. " Ge Qing heard, suddenly smiled and said:"Or brother wise guy that picked up cheap, how can I think that all this is being calculated Big Brother" Gehai is awe-inspiring smile, but it is the minds of teenagers across the face that Qin Zhao Yi little smile, my heart could not help a cold, immediately hurried to bite the sense of emotional pressure down. Check it with dust, animal husbandry, which shares information with surprise heart suddenly emerge out of this tactic turned out to be the big Buddha in coming out is because he breaks into the soul of God environment, touched the hidden tactic among some of the big Buddha something? "Mother left this big Buddha tactic, really mysterious.

Today the north boundary certainly pale distributed a lot. wholesale nfl jerseys in usa "You can test under the cargo?" Grazing dust thought. He is to see that the glass-clear eyes has strange girl looked at him." Brisk slender Yu Zhi Ye pointed eyebrows that dust, animal husbandry, dark gold color of imprint, Road: hard "this, is the northern boundary of Cang currency you want to exchange something, you have to remove someone else from you satisfied with the imprint imprint Aura " Dust, animal husbandry, great sense of strange, I did not expect this seal also here in this role, but also think about. Amazing spiritual power, like a raging flood of dust in vivo animal husbandry, he quickly convergence of mind, running large Buddha tactics, the rapid influx of refining these huge body of spiritual power.

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