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Outside the valley, that troops from the bow and Zhou Li Yang is at this time gradually stopped looking at them looking a little change that was controlled grazing dust did not have the two move in, they looked at each other one, too The same is not dare to have any action. "Diagrams for spiritual matrix is ??very important in terms of the division, right? That you would be willing to Nachulaimai?" Grazing dust road. "Chu Qi Road. Ha ha!" White man laugh, a wave, like stature is like arrows sweep out of the camp, in the rear, but also the large number of troops quickly followed." Dust, animal husbandry and strange eyes, this guy is really nothing to say. Road.

Dust, animal husbandry, the closed eyes, slowly opened, he looked up at the huge golden matrix method, but also dignified eyes of some, it said it regarded as his first real laid out on its own two spiritual matrix ??? This volume spiritual matrix, is naturally at the time he left the spiritual environment of the north, grazing the front of that volume came hard collecting secondary spiritual matrix, this volume Diagrams, dust, animal husbandry has long been learned by heart, but because concisely before There are more than a lack of the spirit of India, it has not been cast, but now, already is enough. wholesale nfl jerseys cheap Dust, animal husbandry, staring at the two men, but it is a faint smile, said: "Since over, then we look for the question on the cost of the first, the pay out. wholesale nfl jerseys nike "Boss." When these words passed into dust, animal husbandry and ears when he was shimmering eye is slowly cohesion at this point, he stared at the front of this man named Chu Qi, the mouth has a hint of radians hook up: "Los glass of suitors? " "See you look like, should also be out of the way from the spirit of people, right?" Dust, animal husbandry, smiled and said: "Since it is the way the human spirit, then you should know that I am more or less, I do not want to care about how much you like Los glass, but did not even qualify Ji Hyun in front of me This, then, you, and what kind? " Chu Qi staring dust, animal husbandry, slowly: "Ji Hyun indeed very powerful, but even if you replace him, I still would say, the other way you do in the name of the first great spirit, but I think, you might We do not recognize the reality. wholesale nfl jerseys supply Emerald green juice. wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping

Two figure out some awkward shot down from the air, feet hastily lit the ground, this will gradually stabilize stature, and black shield stone tripod in front of them, it is dark a lot, and finally disappeared in their hands ??? But both seem, actually did not suffer much damage! "Spirit is?" Ye Brisk see this scene, my heart sank slightly." Wang Sheng smile. "Thank you very much it would." Dust, animal husbandry nod smile, sharp eyes look to the front of the hillside that three rushing senior reveal, light hands together, behind the golden spirit array, at which time gold broke out strong, violent spiritual power, swept out ??? It reveals that three senior to that gold seems to perceive spiritual matrix being distributed out of danger fluctuations pediment that actually slow the slow speed, and then the sound of sharp, forceful spiritual power emitted mouth, filled with their body ??? "Kingland spiritual matrix crack!" Dust, animal husbandry black eye Hanmang passing, a Lenghe, suddenly resounded through the sky from its mouth.

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