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Earth Day Building Product Awards!

GBP Earth Day Product Awards! 2007 Benchmarking Sustainability Product Awards Program
March 2007

Green Building Pages will recognize the top green building products with 2007 Earth Day Product Awards in conjunction with national Earth Day 2007 celebrations on April 22nd.

If you are interested in joining Green Building Pages in promoting green, healthy, sustainable building products, and providing incentives and recognition to product manufacturers as well as to your organization, consider co-sponsoring one of the award categories for the Earth Day 2007 Product Awards or the end of the year GBP 2007 Benchmarking Sustainability Awards.

Award Program Sponsorships are available for $5,000 for either event, to include your name and logo on all promotional materials, monthly newsletters, event news articles and Green Building Pages' award webpage, before, during and after the award ceremony.

Award Category Sponsorships are available for $500 per award category (see award categories below) for either award program and will include your organization's name as sponsor etched on a free-standing, 100% post-consumer recycled glass recipient award (see the SBIC 2006 Best Sustainable Practice Award in sidebar), your logo and listing on the event program and award sponsorship recognition on Green Building Pages' award web page.

Sponsorships are limited for both venues and March 30, 2007 is the last opportunity to sign on for sponsorship for the Earth Day 2007 Product Awards. For more information or to arrange an event or award sponsorship, email Green Building Pages or call 805.782.9431.

Green Building Pages is an on-line, sustainable design and decision-making tool for building industry professionals and environmentally and socially responsible consumers. Green Building Pages? mission is to create a clear, concise, public format for communicating comprehensive, current, and transparent information to enable building industry professionals and consumers to choose building materials that preserve health, the environment, and whose production and manufacture processes promote social equity and economic sustainability.

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Celebrating Earth Day 2007: Benchmarking Sustainability
  • Earth Day 2007 Awards
  • Incentives To Do Good
  • Show Your Shade of Green!
  • Cutting Edge Energy Solutions Webcast, April 10

  • Earth Day 2007 Awards
     EarthDayAwards 300px

    Green Building Pages 2007 Earth Day Green Product Awards reward and recognize product manufacturers for doing good! All product manufacturers who have registered and submitted their building products for review by March 30, 2007 will be eligible for award consideration in one of seven categories.

    Awards correspond to the seven color coded Green Building Pages 2007 Benchmarking Sustainability categories.

    Incentives To Do Good

    Green Building Pages 2007 Benchmarking Sustainability creates incentives to do good! GBP 2007 sets goals, benchmarks progress, and provides numerous incentives to manufacturers to produce building materials and products in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner while providing consumers and professionals with information to make informed decisions that will clearly and greatly affect the direction of global warming and climate change, ONE CHOICE AT A TIME!

    Environmental Responsibility to Reduce Environmental Impacts and Global Warming. Contributing 40-60% of the total U.S. energy use, the building industry is urgently rethinking their operation and business policies. Key leaders in the building industry including the American Institute of Architects (AIA), U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), U.S. Conference of Mayors, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), have all signed on to the '2030 Challenge' calling for all new buildings and major renovations to reduce their fossil-fuel GHG-emitting energy consumption by 50% immediately, increasing this reduction to 60% in 2010, 70% in 2015, 80% in 2020, and 90% in 2025, and finally, that all new buildings will be carbon neutral by 2030.

    In conjunction with the 2030 Challenge and Earth Day 2007, Green Building Pages will reward product manufacturers for doing good and helping our planet with the following INCENTIVE CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES:

    • Third Party Certifications
    • Chain of Custody Actions
    • Sustainability Reporting
    • LEED Facilities
    • Innovative Actions such as Carbon Off-Sets

    Show Your Shade of Green!
      GBP Shades of Green

    Products published on Green Building Pages receive a GBP 2007 Shade Of Green Logo to provide increased market visibility to the growing sustainable design industry. The benchmark totals for the GBP 2007 Shades Of Green designations are:

    • Green: 150-349 GBP Credits
    • Silver: 350-549 GBP Credits
    • Gold : 550-699 GBP Credits
    • Platinum: 700-800 GBP Credits

    Shades of Green, the Earth Day 2007 Product Awards, and the GBP 2007: Benchmarking Sustainability Awards recognize sustainable achievements, provide incentive opportunities for product manufacturers and marketing visibility to those offering positive solutions to the pressing global environmental issues of the building industry.

    Show your commitment to changing the world...one choice at a time! Sponsor one of the Green Building Pages Awards or one of the Award Programs today.

    Cutting Edge Energy Solutions Webcast, April 10

    Join us in a live webcast- The Cutting Edge, presenting Case Studies, Energy Saving Policies, Boulder Carbon Tax, and Innovative New Products.

    Stay on top of the latest innovations for renewable energy, green building and sustainability. This interactive presentation can be heard and viewed entirely online. Join us to interact with experts and learn about their top energy-saving successes, explore new innovations, ask questions and hear about new directions in the building industry.

    SBIC 2006 Best Sustainable Practice Award
      SBIC Award Washington, D.C. - SBIC recognized three winning projects for the 2006 Best Sustainable Practice Award on December 7, 2006 at the Ecobuild Federal Conference in Washington, D.C. Green Building Pages' web resource guide for sustainable building materials, received the award for Stimulating Demand through Increased Consumer Awareness.

    The award program is in its sixth year of recognizing those who are making exceptional contributions to sustainability in America's built environment. Green Building Initiative and ASHRAE were other recipients of this year's awards.

    Please visit the SBIC website for more information concerning the 2006 Awards.

    SBIC Website
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