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The following questions relate to the conservation and treatment of all water used within the manufacturing facilities producing this product. Answer each as an average for all the manufacturing facilities involved with this product, if multiple facilities exist.
How much water per unit of product is used annually? ** ** To find this number:
1. Add up the last 12 months of water used as shown on the manufacturing center's water bill. Convert to gallons.
2. Choose the conventional or most convenient unit for this product (i.e., unit, cubic yard, linear feet, etc.) and determine how many units are produced annually by that manufacturing center.
3. Divide answer #1 by answer #2. Specify the product unit used.
gallons / 1
Are measures being taken to reduce water usage?
List all water reduction measures implemented (e.g., low-flow toilets, gray-water system, drip irrigation, or describe an innovative production process - maximum 250 characters):
Please estimate the amount of water that would be used annually if these conservation measures were not implemented. Past water bills dating before measures were implemented are the most reliable source for this estimate. Use the same product unit and calculation method as in the first question, above.
gallons / 1
Is there a constructed wetlands or similar on-site water reclamation system at the facility that manufactures this product?