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Energy/Resource Consumption
Does your product consume energy or another resource (such as water) while functioning?
If no, skip next four questions.
If yes, is there a recognized rating, benchmarking system, or standard unit of output efficiency?
If yes, please describe the product's relative performance:
Is your product designed to operate in a range of different energy-consuming modes (full power, standby, sleep, off)?
Please list the power or resource demand in each mode available. If this product uses electric power, please use Watts. If some other resource is used, please specify the unit (e.g., gallons if water, Btu if gas):
Operating Mode Demand Unit (Watts or other)
(same unit)
(same unit)
Off (same unit)
If properly serviced/maintained over its lifetime, should your product continue to operate at the same efficiency as when installed or commissioned?
If no, please provide information on the expected diminution of performance over time (ie, percentage diminution per hours of operation - maximum 250 characters):