CSI 15700
528 Carwellyn Rd
Abbeville , SC 29620
Phone: 800-459-4822
Fax: 800-459-3828
Product Certifications: Energy Star, EPA, Greenguard
Description: EverClean flexible duct resists and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. All components are self-extinguishing and will not deteriorate in a fire, is an ENERGYSTAR partner, Greenguard Certified and comes with a lifetime warranty.
LEED Credit-Opportunity Contributions: IAQ Performance, Energy Star - HVAC
Disclosure: Company information - 36%, Product information - 72%
Production & Manufacture  
  Packaging is 6-10% of purchased product volume. 9% post-consumer content packaging. 5% post-industrial content packaging. 100% non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable packaging. Collection and return of packaging for re-use. Steps taken to reduce packaging. - 60%  
Installation, Use & Maintenance  
  No machinery required for installation. No toxic or carcinogenic materials required for installation. - 100%  
  No machinery required for maintenance. No toxic or carcinogenic materials required for maintenance. - 100%  
  No offgassing during installation, use and maintenance. - 100%  
  No energy or resource consumption during use. No energy or resource consumption during use. - 100%  
  Life expectancy of product is greater than 50 years or 100% biodegradable after product renewal. No diminution of performance over time. Product comes with lifetime warranty for repair and/or replacement. - 100%  
Company Social Profile  
  Has written policy, regular monitoring of worker health and safety; documentation available to the public. Meets OSHA standards in all facilities regardless of required health and safety standard. - 70%  
  Diversity policy available to the public. Identified diversity issues/areas for improvement. Goals and programs to increase minority representation, opportunities. Documentation of improvement, progress toward goals available to the public. - 100%  
  Company compiles and publishes an annual Sustainability Report available to the public. - 100%  
  Product certifications include: Energy Star, EPA, Greenguard - 77%  
  Product has been independently tested. - 50%  
  Information disclosed in 17 / 33 categories. - 59%  
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