Rediscovered Wood Doors
CSI 08200
Liberty Valley Doors
6005 Gravenstein Hwy.
Cotati, CA 94931
Phone: (707) 795-8040
Fax: (707) 795-9258
Product Certifications:
Description: These doors are some of the first wood stile and rail doors in the industry to be composed entirely from reclaimed lumber or recycled materials.
LEED Credit-Opportunity Contributions: Materials Reuse, Regional Materials, Rapidly Renewable Materials, Recycled Content
Disclosure: Company information - 45%, Product information - 16%
Installation, Use & Maintenance  
  No machinery required for installation. No toxic or carcinogenic materials required for installation. - 100%  
  No machinery required for maintenance. No toxic or carcinogenic materials required for maintenance. - 100%  
End of Product Life Cycle  
  Product can be easily disassembled for alternative disposal. Product reclamation program in place. - 100%  
  100% of product can be reused. 100% of product can be recycled. 100% of product is non-toxic, biodegradable. - 100%  
Company Social Profile  
  Has written policy, regular monitoring of worker health and safety; documentation available to the public. Exceeds OSHA standards in all facilities. - 100%  
  Provides employee seminars, workshops to educate and involve in company\'s environmental policies and goals. Published policies in Production & Manufacture, Company Social Profile. Published goals in Production & Manufacture, Company Social Profile. Facility recycling waste program in place. - 63%  
  CEO (or highest paid employee) salary is less than 10 times lowest wage. - 56%  
Liberty Valley Doors
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