EcoTimber Hand-Scraped Flooring
CSI 09640
1611 Fourth St.
San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: (888)801-0855
Fax: (415)258-8455
Product Certifications: FSC, SCS, Smartwood
Description: Prefinished Engineered Hand-scraped hardwood flooring, 100% FSC-certified, made with a non-formaldehyde adhesive, genuinely hand-scraped (as opposed to being scraped by machinery).
LEED Credit-Opportunity Contributions: Regional Materials, Certified Wood, Low-Emitting Materials - Composite Wood, Agrifiber & Laminate
Disclosure: Company information - 90%, Product information - 77%
Production & Manufacture  
  Noticeable, but reversible impact. 99% renewable resource content. No toxic or carcinogenic materials or chemicals used. 100% disclosure of input materials - 54%  
  No outputs on Toxic Chemicals Lists. 100% non-water waste treated on-site. 100% disclosure of output materials. - 83%  
  No water used. - 100%  
  50% energy use reduction. 50% sustainable on-site energy. Green energy provider. 25% green energy investing. - 57%  
  No greenhouse gas emissions. No ozone-depleting gases used or emitted. - 100%  
  Packaging is less than 5% of purchased product volume. 45% post-consumer content packaging. 50% post-industrial content packaging. 95% non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable packaging. Steps taken to reduce packaging. - 53%  
  Average distance from supplier to manufacturer is 51-100 miles. Average distance from manufacturer to distribution is 501-1000 miles. 75-100% rail transport. Steps taken to reduce impacts of transportation. - 56%  
Installation, Use & Maintenance  
  No machinery required for installation. No toxic or carcinogenic materials required for installation. - 100%  
  No machinery required for maintenance. No toxic or carcinogenic materials required for maintenance. - 100%  
  No offgassing during installation, use and maintenance. - 100%  
  No energy or resource consumption during use. No energy or resource consumption during use. - 100%  
  Life expectancy of product is greater than 50 years or 100% biodegradable after product renewal. No diminution of performance over time. Product comes with lifetime warranty for repair and/or replacement. - 100%  
End of Product Life Cycle  
  99% of product can be reused. 99% of product can be recycled. 99% of product is non-toxic, biodegradable. - 99%  
Company Social Profile  
  Has written policy, regular monitoring of worker health and safety; documentation available to the public. Exceeds OSHA standards in all facilities. - 100%  
  Provides employee seminars, workshops to educate and involve in company\'s environmental policies and goals. Sponsors educational newsletters, education seminars for the general public regarding environmental issues. Published policies in Production & Manufacture, Installation Use and Maintenance, Company Social Profile. Published goals in Production & Manufacture, Installation Use and Maintenance. Facility recycling waste program in place. - 81%  
  Living wage policies available to the public. Living wage goals available to the public. CEO (or highest paid employee) salary is less than 10 times lowest wage. - 100%  
  Gender equity company policy available to public. Gender equity company goals available to public. 33% women board members. - 58%  
  Benefits offered: full health insurance, retirement, maternity/paternity leave, stock options, job sharing, transportation, skills training, re-training, flex hours, paid vacation, paid sick leave - 59%  
  Company is certified. 1 LEED certified buildings. Product certifications include: FSC, SCS, Smartwood - 88%  
  No animals or animal by-products used in any product or process. Product has been independently tested. - 100%  
  Information disclosed in 24 / 33 categories. - 83%  
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