160 Series Air Purifiers
CSI 15860
E. L. Foust Co., Inc.
754 Industrial Dr.
Elmhurst, IL 60126
Phone: (800)353-6878
Fax: (630)834-5341
Product Certifications:
Description: Since 1974 we have manufactured air purifiers for people with MCS,allergies,and asthma.Units utilize proven technology.Large beds of activated carbon & the most efficient HEPA filters to remove dusts,molds, pollens,viruses,bacteria,and chemicals.
LEED Credit-Opportunity Contributions: Light Pollution Reduction, IAQ Performance, Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source Control
Disclosure: Company information - 81%, Product information - 44%
Production & Manufacture  
  No greenhouse gas emissions. - 50%  
Installation, Use & Maintenance  
  No machinery required for installation. No toxic or carcinogenic materials required for installation. - 100%  
  No machinery required for maintenance. No toxic or carcinogenic materials required for maintenance. - 100%  
  No offgassing during installation, use and maintenance. - 100%  
End of Product Life Cycle  
  Product can be easily disassembled for alternative disposal. Product reclamation program in place. - 100%  
Company Social Profile  
  Provides employee seminars, workshops to educate and involve in company\'s environmental policies and goals. Sponsors educational newsletters, education seminars for the general public regarding environmental issues. Published policies in Production & Manufacture, Installation Use and Maintenance. Published goals in Production & Manufacture, Product Disposal, Installation Use and Maintenance. - 56%  
  No animals or animal by-products used in any product or process. - 50%  
  Information disclosed in 17 / 33 categories. - 59%  
E. L. Foust Co., Inc.
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