Urban Forestry Products
CSI 06060
Pacific Coast Lumber
445 Prado Road T3
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Phone: (805)543-5533
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Product Certifications:
Description: Many non standard building materials from urban Forest sources. Including exotic timbers and substitute materials for commercial wood such as redwood and some imported hardwood Retreats and back yard cabins built from urban forest wood solid waste
LEED Credit-Opportunity Contributions: Materials Reuse, Rapidly Renewable Materials, Recycled Content , Low-Emitting Materials - Composite Wood, Agrifiber & Laminate
Disclosure: Company information - 81%, Product information - 72%
Production & Manufacture  
  Little or no extraction impact. 100% post-industrial recycled. 100% renewable resource content. Steps taken to reduce use of toxic materials. 100% disclosure of input materials - 60%  
  No packaging used. - 100%  
  Average distance from supplier to manufacturer is 51-100 miles. Average distance from manufacturer to distribution is less than 50 miles. Travel distance is less than 15 miles. - 72%  
  100% suppliers requested to provide GBP chain of custody information. 100% suppliers provided GBP chain of custody information. - 50%  
Installation, Use & Maintenance  
  No toxic or carcinogenic materials required for installation. - 67%  
  No machinery required for maintenance. No toxic or carcinogenic materials required for maintenance. - 100%  
  No offgassing during installation, use and maintenance. - 100%  
  No energy or resource consumption during use. No energy or resource consumption during use. - 100%  
  Life expectancy of product is greater than 50 years or 100% biodegradable after product renewal. No diminution of performance over time. Product comes with lifetime warranty for repair and/or replacement. - 100%  
End of Product Life Cycle  
  Product can be easily disassembled for alternative disposal. Product reclamation program in place. - 100%  
  100% of product can be reused. 100% of product can be recycled. 100% of product is non-toxic, biodegradable. - 100%  
Company Social Profile  
  Benefits offered: retirement, educational benefits, stock options, job sharing, transportation, skills training, flex hours, paid vacation, paid sick leave - 53%  
  10% of net pre-tax earnings donated to community groups/programs. 5% of net pre-tax earnings donated to charity organizations. - 70%  
  Information disclosed in 22 / 33 categories. - 76%  
Pacific Coast Lumber
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