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LEED Project Scorecard (Page 2 of 2)
Check the following LEED categories in which your product, if used, would help to earn the building project LEED credits. For more information on these categories, see the LEED Website.
Materials & Resources
Storage & Collection of Recyclables
Materials Reuse
Recycled Content
Regional Materials
Rapidly Renewable Materials
Certified Wood
Sustainable Cleaning Products & Materials
Environmentally Preferable Products
Indoor Environmental Quality
IAQ Performance
Outside Air Introduction & Exhaust Systems
Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring
Increased Ventilation
Construction IAQ Management Plan
  During Construction
Low-Emitting Materials
  Adhesives and Sealants
Low-Emitting Materials
  Paints and Coatings
Low-Emitting Materials
  Carpet Systems
Low-Emitting Materials
  Composite Wood, Agrifiber & Laminate Adhesives
Low-Emitting Materials
  Systems Furniture & Seating
Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source Control
Radon Protection
Controllability of Systems
Controllability of Systems
  Thermal Comfort
Thermal Comfort
Thermal Comfort
Green Cleaning
Energy Star with Indoor Air Package/td>
Moisture Load Control
Air Filters
Minimize Pollutants from Garage
Enhanced Acoustical Performance
Mold Prevention
Innovation and Design
Innovation in Design