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LEED Credit Contributions (Page 1 of 2)
Check the following LEED categories in which the product, if used, would help to earn the building project LEED credits. For more information on these categories, see the LEED Website.
Sustainable Sites
Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
Erosion & Sedimentation Control
Alternative Transportation
  Bicycle Storage & Changing Rooms
Alternative Transportation
  Low Emitting, Alternative & Fuel Efficient Vehicles
Reduced Site Disturbance
  Development Footprint
Stormwater Design
  Quantity Control
Stormwater Design
  Quality Control
Heat Island Effect
Heat Island Effect
Light Pollution Reduction
Non-Toxic Pest Control
Landscape Design
Non-Invasive Plants
Drought-Tolerant Plants
Permeable Lot
Water Efficiency
Water Efficient Landscaping
Innovative Wastewater Technologies
Water Use Reduction
High Efficiency Fixtures & Fittings
Rainwater Harvesting System
Graywater Reuse System
Process Water Reuse
Energy & Atmosphere
Energy Performance
Energy Star
Energy Star
Energy Star
Energy Efficient Appliances
Energy Efficient Lighting
Refrigerant Management
Ozone Protection
On-Site Renewable Energy
Measurement & Verification
Emission Reduction Reporting
Green Power
Efficient Hot Water Distribution
Reduced Envelope Leakage
Reduced HVAC Distribution Losses