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How to Start
The Manufacturer's Login Site was designed to collect, store and update the data necessary to evaluate a product using the Green Building Pages Criteria. Navigation through the site is simplified using the collapsing menus on the left-hand side of the window. Clicking on each menu title will open that menu, revealing more options and an introductory page for that section. Here is an overview of the main menu options:
Your company's home page is the first page that appears when you log into your account. Here you can see who is currently logged into your account, as well as any other important updates made and notices from Green Building Pages.
From the Company Profile Menu, you can complete the Company Profile Form. Clicking on the menu title will reveal the following categories: Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental Policy, Employee Benefits, Wage Equity, Gender Equality, Diversity, Corporate Generosity, Social Chain of Custody, Goals & Achievements, Company Certifications. Click on any link to view or update information stored under that category.
Use the Products Menu to access the Product Profile Form and to add new product information or update product information under the Products Menu. Clicking on "Products" will open a list of the products that have been saved so far in your account. Clicking on a product name will open the following Product Profile categories: LEED Credit Contributions; Production & Manufacture: Inputs, Outputs, Water, Energy, Greenhouse Gases, Ozone Depletion, Packaging, Transportation, Chain of Custody; Installation, Use & Maintenance: Off-Gassing, Energy/Resource Consumption, Durability; End of Product Life; Testing & Certification. Click on any link to view or update information stored in that category.
The evaluation criteria is available here for your reference, and is organized under the same categories as the Product and Company Profiles. There are no data fields for saving information under this menu.
From this menu, you may update or change your user login information. The Primary Contact Person may also change or update the basic company information, contact information, and add or remove other authorized users from the account.
The Help Desk options, including Frequently Asked Questions, are always visible.
Once the minimum required information is entered, Green Building Pages can begin the evaluation process and move towards publication of the product and company information on the public website.
The GBP Introduction describes in more detail the process from registration to publication.