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The following questions relate to the energy consumption within the manufacturing facilities that produce this product. Answer each as an average for all the manufacturing facilities involved with this product, if multiple facilities exist.
Describe any energy conservation measures taken, other than using on-site energy sources:
What is the % reduction in annual energy use due to these conservation measures?
Does any of your off-site energy come from a green energy provider?
What percentage of its annual profits does your energy provider ("green" or not) invest in the renewable energy market (i.e., in research, development, promotion, etc.)?
Does the manufacturing facility use any on-site energy source?
Check any of the following on-site renewable energy sources used in the manufacturing facility for this product. List the percent offset of power demand on the grid due to that source.
  % offset  
Solar %  
Wind %  
Hydroelectric (non-dam) %  
Geothermal %  
Biomass (describe fuel): %  
Other: %  
Total Offset: