Miscellaneous Strategies
   -Certification of products
   -Environmental management and business systems
Certification of products
Eco-labels labels attached to products which confirm that the manufacturers conform to independently certified standards in terms of reduced environmental impacts.
Independently certified labels a variety of labels applied to products which signify that the products meet specific criteria for reduced environmental impacts, inclusion of recycled materials, and/or materials/products from sustainable sources.
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Environmental management and business systems
Corporate environmental policy a written statement defining a company's position on the environment with an ongoing audit of progress over time. Existence of a corporate environmental policy usually indicates inclusion of environmental management systems and/or the use of basic ecodesign strategies in everyday business.
Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) an independently certified environmental management system, which operates in the European Union. Certification is awarded by national bodies in individual EU countries verified by the EMAS organization.
ISO 14001 an international standard for environmental management schemes maintained by the International Standards Organization (ISO) in Geneva, Switzerland. New standards are emerging for lifecycle assessment (ISO 14040) and eco-labelling and environmental labels (draft ISO 14021).
ISO 9001 an international standard for quality assurance maintained by the International Standards Organization (ISO) in Geneva, Switzerland. Certification is granted by independent national organizations accredited by the ISO.
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Animal-friendly products products that are manufactured without harm to animals.
Encouragement of conservation and biodiversity products that assist in promoting conservation and diversity an a result of a corporate environmental or supply-chain management policy or by sourcing materials from habitats managed to maintain diversity.
Protection against soil erosion products used to avoid or reduce soil erosion by water or wind.
Protection of fish stocks products used to enhance the survival of fish stocks.
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